People behind Antorum International

Business Policy

Different to many agents and brokers, ANTORUM INTERNATIONAL is acting like a discreet matchmaker: Respecting legitimate confidentiality requirements, particularly with regard to off-market products, not spraying precious vendor, investor, product information in the marketplace (no publicity), providing exclusivity within their client base.

ANTORUM INTERNATIONAL is working exclusively on basis of and in response to their specific clients’ search profiles. This methodology ensures that products for sale entrusted to ANTORUM INTERNATIONAL will never be distributed indiscriminatorily to a multitude of possibly interested investors, but will remain protected as subject of a confidential relationship.

Products entrusted to ANTORUM INTERNATIONAL will never be made public (e.g. in the internet), and normally not introduced to more than one client to avoid "internal" competition within the group of ANTORUM INTERNATIONAL clients. This is the best way to safeguard the interest of the vendor and the investor alike, and to protect the property from losing its precious off-market characteristics.
Thursday, 26 November 2020